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Companies systematically use social networks to convey their image and communicate easily with their partners and prospects.

Youtube, the first video hosting site on the Internet, has become the ground of a severe struggle between companies, videographers and YouTubers who must constantly redouble their ingenuity to stand out from the competition .

Their main goal is to get the best SEO on Youtube, so to appear among the first results when a visitor performs a specific search.

They can thus make it more visible than the competition and attract more prospects. To achieve such a goal, it is necessary to optimize your video publishing strategy as much as possible.

TubeBuddy, an increasingly used Youtube extension, greatly facilitates this optimization work . Let’s test it!Click here to Discover or Install Tubebuddy for Free!

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TubeBuddy overview

TubeBuddy is a free downloadable Youtube extension.

It is certified by Youtube and adapts to the different functions of the site. Its objective is to offer a videographer or an entrepreneur different tools to facilitate the publication of videos, as well as analytical and statistical indicators .

These allow you to better understand the reasons for the success or failure of a video, a good or a bad YouTube SEO.

They therefore indicate the choices to be made for a video to be viewed more , depending on the choice of its keywords for example.

Operation of the application

After downloading the application from, an access icon appears on Youtube, and allows you to use the various services.

TubeBuddy firstly allows automated referencing of your videos .

While the classic method of publishing a new video forces you to write its description or referencing tags each time, TubeBuddy allows the process to be automated and the creation of several standard profiles, which will fill in these information fields automatically.

This tool is ideal in the case of a channel publishing many videos of the same genre , in a standardized format, and allows you to attach a suitable description and keywords in a few clicks that will facilitate its referencing.

These keywords can also, thanks to TubeBuddy, be entered or reorganized more easily.

Exhaustive statistical data will allow the extension to suggest the most effective keywords according to your theme .

TubeBuddy will explain to you, for any keyword, the frequency with which Internet users search for it, as well as the competition on this word, that is to say the number of other videographers who have chosen it to reference their own videos.

This indication, which corresponds, in short, to the supply and demand of each keyword, allows you to optimize your indexing by choosing the keywords and keyword phrases that will allow you to be as visible as possible .

It therefore informs, in a certain way, of the market shares that are still to be taken.

A comment classification tool allows visitors to quickly and easily view comments left under your videos .

You can, for example, ask to view unanswered comments and stay close to your community. This one will be encouraged to post new comments, themselves beneficial to the referencing of your video.

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Different offers for different tools

Already very effective in its free version, TubeBuddy offers additional paid functions.

Its Pro, Star and Legend versions cost 9, 19 and 39 euros per month respectively . They offer much more comprehensive analytical tools than the free version.

The Legend version allows you to compare yourself with other videographers, by directly analyzing the statistics of a competing channel.

We will thus learn, among other classic statistical data, the partners of this channel, or its referencing strategies, valuable data to improve its own Youtube channel .

Paid offers also offer comparative tools that make it easy to observe the positive or negative points of each video, such as the choice of a particular thumbnail, the presence of a non-poll.

Finally, they offer discounts, or even free, on several YouTube partner services, which will give you access, among other things, to royalty-free music or graphic effects , which will greatly enrich your publications.

If the cost of these paid offers may seem prohibitive at first glance, it is justified by the tools to which it gives access and by the optimization it allows.

An entrepreneur determined to improve his content and to reference it as well as possible could quickly experience an increase in his prospects and therefore in his income , which would soon make a return on his investment.

In addition, these paid tools may be subject to a reduction in several cases: for a small Youtube channel (currently, less than 50,000 subscribers), for a non-profit organization, or even in the case of or the offer is taken out year round.

The advantages of TubeBuddy

The advantages of TubeBuddy are obvious. The application facilitates the publication of videos and standardizes the format.

It also offers varied and very complete analytical tools thanks to which you can easily improve your SEO .

In the best cases, these analytical tools will allow you to understand the impact of each of your choices on the success of your videos and will allow you, in the long term, to surpass your competition by identifying much better than it the attitudes to adopt, the keywords to favor for your indexing or the themes on which you will have to focus as a priority.

TubeBuddy is in a way a strategic advisor knowing each Youtube video in detail and therefore directing you at best to the most effective optimization techniques.


The disadvantages of TubeBuddy

Despite its great utility, TubeBuddy could still be the subject of some criticism.

On the practical side, we regret that the application is currently only available in English . Nevertheless, the success helping, it should quickly democratize with the French public.

Some will also criticize the fact that the most effective services are paid and that the optimization of videos is therefore intended primarily for the lucrative activity, that which seeks a return on investment. Amateur videographers are less likely to use it and improve their content.

Finally, in continuation of the previous point, we can fear that TubeBuddy will lead, in the long term, to an excessive emphasis on commercial content, that taking advantage of the functions of the application and improving its referencing as much as possible and therefore its visibility, all to the detriment of non-commercial videos, relegated to second place.

For their part, TubeBuddy users may fear the app’s growing success , and wonder if they will still have an advantage when all of their competitors have access to the same analytics services.

Our verdict

From the point of view of a videographer or self-employed person, TubeBuddy presents itself as a very effective tool for publishing videos, analyzing and optimizing their content .

In the event of strong competition, the application can make the difference and help you stand out in the Youtube SEO race.

However, TubeBuddy does not guarantee success, which also depends on other criteria on which the application will not act, such as the theme of your video or the quality of the editing .

More than a magic wand, therefore, TubeBuddy should be seen as a quality analytical supplement, very useful for improving a lucrative business, at least as long as it is not yet too widespread, and that its use you therefore gives a real advantage over the competition.Click here to Discover or Install Tubebuddy for Free!

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