Perpetual Income 365 Review – Is This System Right For You?

The creator – Shawn Josiah

perpetual income 365 review - shawn josiah

Shawn is well known with his 7 figure Online Marketer with great experience in this own field. He is also Platinum Member of Clickbank. That is understood, He has earned hundred of thousands of dollars from Clickbank Platform alone.

perpetual income 365 review clickbank platinum member

How it works

perpetual income 365 review product

After having many years of experience, Shawn created Perpetual Income 365, and this Software was create for Beginner in affiliate Marketing to start making money online.

Perpetual Income 365 has its core email marketing strategies, giving you all the tools that you need while your earning journey to became a successful affiliate marketer.

All the major work has been done for you, so you don’t need to be a a copy-writer expert or a techie guy, because the landing pages and the email sequences are already done for you.

Just with a few clicks, the software lets you choose what type of landing page you want and simply give it to you with your affiliate links integrated. Yes it’s simply as that.

For the email part, you just need the GetResponse email autoresponder and import the emails.

All of the copy present in the landing pages and in the emails are the work of years of experience of a pro, they’re proven to convert, drive sales and establish a good relationship with your list.

At this point all you need to do is driving traffic to these pages, but they got you covered on this too in the traffic crusher module.

What does Netflix have to do with this system?

perpetual income 365 review netflix

This may be seems a weird and huge claim but Shawn has found the way how Netflix system works.

This secret is called MCCA which stands for:

  • Micro Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Compounding
  • Algorithm

Inside the training, you’ll learn how to leverage the science behind Netflix’s highly recurring revenue model, so you can create a monthly recurring income for yourself with this powerful marketing strategy!

A quick look inside the Members Area

Once you purchase the product you can login and access the members area.

perpetual income 365 review members area

At the left-hand side there is a menu with all the sections of the program.

The main sections are:

  • Welcome

Once you login you will be presented with this screen.

There is a welcome video that gives you an explanation of how the system works and how to leverage the Netflix algorithm and there is a button to join the Perpetual Income 365 private Facebook group.

  • Step by step guide

This section will provide you all the necessary steps to put the system in place quickly and easily as possible.

  • Integrations

Here is where you will integrate your GetResponse autoresponder and your Clickbank account to you’re your affiliate commissions.

  • Money pages

This is where the magic happens.

In this section you can choose between various types of landing pages and within just a few clicks you’re ready to go.

  • Traffic crusher

In this section there are 3 training videos that will explain you how traffic works and how you can drive it  to the pages, to start building your email list and earning your commissions.

  • Mindset training

This is one of the most important sections of the system. There is a video that goes through the main pitfalls that you want to avoid when you’re setting up your business, and it will explain how to get the best results and what you should expect when you apply all the steps as a whole.


perpetual income 365 review bonuses

Along with the system there are also 3 bonus ebooks available for you to download:

  • Start today tiny subscriptions big profits
  • Income commander
  • Recurring revenue master plan

Facebook Group

If you join Perpetual Income 365 you will also have access to a private Facebook group where all the students posts results and help each other.

Shawn is very active in the group and the community will answer all your questions if you need support.

perpetual income 365 review fb group


The Facebook Group is plenty of people that show results.

perpetual income 365 review testimonial
perpetual income 365 review testimonial
perpetual income 365 review testimonial
perpetual income 365 review testimonial
perpetual income 365 review testimonial


Along with the training you’ll be presented with 3 upsells to help improve your overall experience with the system.

These are not required to succeed with the program, but I believe they’re quite helpful and absolutely worth picking up.

  • Perpetual Assets Multiplier

Allows you to access more landing page designs and have unlimited installs. I recommend it if you want to test more variations.

  • 5 Click Profits

A collection of plugins that you’re able to activate on your landing pages and they’re designed to boost your conversions.

The plugins are:

  1. Visitor tracking
  2. Button rocking animation
  3. Display your visitors country and flag
  4. Evergreen date display banner
  5. Social bars
  6. Spots available
  • Email ATM

This option lets you fully integrate the GetResponse email autoresponder into the system, so you can do email broadcasts directly from the software.

Refund Policy

They have a refund policy of first 30 or 60 days with no questions asked, but if you asked for refund that means you will be blocked or in other words you can no longer be able to make money from this program even if you already got recurring payments setup.


  • Most of the hard work really is ‘done for you’.  You don’t have to build a landing page, you don’t have to write high-converting landing page copy, and you don’t even need to way for website hosting to host your pages on your own domain!
  • ​It’s only $47.00 per MONTH, much cheaper than clickfunnels ( $97 per month), or most other competitors.
  • Your email list is YOURS forever, once the 31 days is finished in the auto-responder, you can promote OTHER products from Clickbank (or other networks) to them.


  • The training is only about paid traffic strategies
  • You can’t modify the content on the pages
  • You’re only able to promote one product on the frontend (for now)

My Final Thoughts – Is Perpetual Income 365 Legit?

perpetual income 365 review logo

My answer is yes, there is clear evidence of people making money with this system, and keep in mind that Perpetual Income 365 was made for the absolute beginners.

People who’s never created a landing page, don’t know how to find products to promote and don’t know how this stuff works as a whole.

The best part of this system is that it gives you the ability to earn while you learn, giving you a solid foundation how all these pieces are moving together.

My advice is to not limiting yourself only on the execution part, but study all the things you need to do (landing pages, emails, traffic sources) and try to figure out how this process works, start model it and build something yours from the ground up.


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