Make money with Fiverr

Fiverr is a global freelance marketplace with tens of thousands of services. Many offers start at five dollars but may increase the price of different packages and add-ons, such as additional options. The main categories of services include graphic design, digital marketing , business, writing, translation, video, audio, coding, etc. Fiverr completes its freelance pole with AND CO (invoicing software), Elevate (discounts for partners) and Learn (online courses).

Fiverr makes money by keeping 20% ​​of seller service fees. For example, if you price your service at $ 20, Fiverr will keep $ 4 and you will get $ 16. It also derives income from subscription fees (AND CO) and the sale of courses (Learn). It shares revenues or collects fees through third party product and service agreements (Elevate).

Fiverr started out as one of the many “it” websites for making money online. However, until the mid-2010s, it seemed to be losing its vigor. Lots of unskilled freelancers got into Fiverr’s gold rush , but they only delivered shoddy work. Many sellers have offered “product reviews” with the intention of providing false reviews to mislead customers on other websites, including Amazon. In addition, Upwork, a competitor, was born in 2015 from a merger between Elance and oDesk.

Fiverr emerges victorious. She revised her quality standards and ended her collaboration with thousands of questionable sellers and services. She launched Fiverr Pro to offer “exceptional, verified talent, hand checked for exceptional quality and service”. Many sellers of Fiverr Pro charge prices in the thousands of dollars. Fiverr has risen above many of its competitors, making it a two-way race between itself and Upwork. In 2019. Fiverr became a publicly traded company. Given the evolution of Fiverr in an increasingly remote professional landscape, this is a legitimate website for making money as a full-time freelance worker or as a part-time worker.

How to earn money on the Fiverr?

There are three promising ways to make money on Fiverr namely Seller / Freelance, Affiliate Marketer, and Instructor.

As a seller

Vendors on Fiverr sell services from voiceovers and business card design to knockoffs of presidents. Therefore, the first thing to consider is what you are going to sell to make your customers happy (high customer satisfaction can attract repeat orders). A great place to start is to review your areas of excellence and skills. Suppose you are gifted and love graphic design. You could do a search in the category “Graphics and design” of Fiverrand in over 30 sub-categories to identify market opportunities and gaps. I recommend that you play on your strengths and professional experience first. You can branch out and experiment with different services afterwards.

sell services on Fiverr

Over time, you can earn four to five figures per month on Fiverr , and millions are not out of the question. Additionally, Fiverr Pro sellers make a lot of money as they can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars per gig. Establishing prices that will attract a constant flow of buyers is essential to keep your project pipeline full. Some sellers make the mistake of putting themselves out of the game, for example, can you justify a price of $ 1,300 for a logo design while another seller will do it for $ 10?

Can you make money on Fiverr without skill? No. As a freelancer, as in any profession, you need to have skills to make money. Even if you indicate a service only to outsource it (service arbitration), you will still need project management, management and organizational skills to carry out your assignment successfully.

Should you promote your Fiverr profile and services ?

It depends on your income goals and how much you want to depend on Fiverr for . If you join Fiverr to earn full time income, you should consider free or low cost marketing activities. For example, you could add your Fiverr profile link to your website or LinkedIn profile. If Fiverr isn’t your main source of income or your main focus, then don’t worry about marketing your services. Even if you aren’t marketing, Fiverr spends millions of dollars on advertising to attract new users.

Create a seller account

In the main menu, click on “Sell”. Explore the seller dashboard to understand it. Add your information, including your name, profile picture or logo, and biography. Add your professional data, such as your skills, education and certifications.

Make your profile unique and marketable to attract buyers. Review four to six successful salespeople for ideas to use for your profile. A successful salesperson is a Level 2 or higher salesperson with over 500 reviews , most of them positive. This person is also active and has a few orders in their queue. Studying the strengths and weaknesses of new and existing sellers with low ratings can also help.

Fiverr , in partnership with ExpertRating, is conducting beta skill testing to improve the overall quality of the market. Like Upwork and LinkedIn , tests verify and help promote skills. You can take a test twice within three months. You can show or hide your score on your profile. If you view your test results, users will see various details, including your score, percentage rank, time spent, and more.

Create a service offer

Create an engaging service and a value proposition. Add a title, category, subcategory, metadata, and search tags. In the Scope and Price section, add your offer and a detailed description so that buyers know what is and is not included in your offer. Add your price and surcharges for upselling. For example, buyers can pay $ 5 for extra fast delivery. Finally, add FAQs and answers as you receive them.

Add the requirements that buyers must meet before you can begin their orders. For example, you will need the name of the company before you can create a company logo . Add photos, videos, and work samples to visually enhance your concert. Some sellers present themselves in presentation videos . For example, “Hi, my name is William, and I am passionate about graphics. I offer three formulas to help you. You can view my work samples and convo me if you have any questions. Pick the plan that best suits your budget, and let’s get started.

Review of commands and messages

Review your orders and messages for delivery times, updates, and revision requests. Stay tuned for these items to improve your performance and position on Fiverr .

Performance review

The “Analyzes” tab displays income and rating details. It also shows what you need to achieve to reach the next seller level which is level 2 and the best rating. Track your results closely, build on your strengths, and correct your weaknesses.

Note: The Fiverr editorial team awards the “Rising Talent” badge. Concerts carrying this label will benefit from increased exposure and credibility in the market. Rising talent is not a sales level.

Find ways to improve

Orders and analytics give a good idea of ​​your outlook on Fiverr . Review the data in these two tabs daily to improve your profile, gigs, prices, descriptions, and more. For example, your concert wording may need to be simplified, or your thumbnail may need to be revamped. A small change here or there can result in higher conversion rates. You can also do split testing, as soon as you start getting enough pageviews.

Affiliate Program

Fiverr has a great affiliate program. An affiliate promotes Fiverr with a unique link and receives a commission when a first-time buyer purchases a gig. Fiverr offers two commission plans. Plus, when you get other people to join the Fiverr Affiliate Program , you earn 10% of their income. Other benefits of the program include deep links, marketing materials, and affiliate support.

Highlights of the Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • Fiverr : $ 15 – $ 50 CPA or $ 10 CPA + 10% revenue sharing
  • Fiverr Pro: $ 150 CPA
  • Learn: 30% commission rate
  • AND Co: 30% commission rate
  • Cookie: 30 days

Become a teacher

Fiverr is making a place for itself in online learning with “Learn”. While it can’t compete with behemoths like Skillshare and Udemy, it offers useful courses in several categories relating to freelance work. Classes are available in Design, Adobe, Digital Marketing, SEO, and more.

You must apply to become a teacher. A short three-page quiz will ask you about the topics you want to teach and your experience. Fiverr doesn’t disclose the amount of teacher compensation, so it’s unclear how much teachers are getting per sale. I imagine the revenue share would be 50-70% for instructors.


Fiverr thrives because an ever-changing global and remote work environment demands it. Individuals and business leaders hire freelancers to stay light and nimble, which creates opportunities for Fiverr salespeople . In addition, Fiverr has a strong affiliate program and a thriving online learning division. The combination of ways to make money with Fiverr makes it unique.

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