Operating principle of the ShareASale network

Founded in 2000, ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in Chicago, Illinois. ShareASale pays affiliates commissions based on sales. As an affiliate, you can choose from over 2,500 programs that allow you to earn these commissions. Besides the affiliate network, ShareASale also operates a merchant network.

The merchant

ShareASale is an example of performance marketing. For an online merchant, performance marketing allows them to increase their customer base by acquiring new customers. ShareASale offers merchants the ability to use proprietary technology to connect to a large network of established affiliates.

Individual merchants decide the commission structure to be paid to ShareASale affiliates and only pay commissions on sales. Therefore, if the ShareASale program does not result in a direct sale, the merchant will not pay any commission.


ShareASale brings together over 2,500 merchants offering a variety of products and services. As an Affiliate, you select one of ShareASale’s merchants and try to direct sales to the merchant websites . Merchants will then pay a commission for sales resulting from affiliate referrals.

As an affiliate, you decide which specific marketers you want to promote and how you want to promote them. Affiliates can also log into the ShareASale website and check their stats and earnings in real time.

To begin

To get started using ShareASale, you can sign up for their affiliate or business program through the company’s website. After submitting the request, ShareASale will email you a Merchant or Affiliate Welcome Package.

ShareASale will provide affiliates with HTML referral links and banners for all available merchants. As an affiliate you will place HTML links and banners on your websites and start earning commissions for your referrals. ShareASale does not charge any fees to join the affiliate program. As a merchant, your business will be loaded into the ShareASale system within two business days, and your business can start generating affiliate links and banners.

Additionally, merchants will need to choose a commission structure to pay affiliates. ShareASale charges an installation fee of $ 550 to join the Merchant Program.


ShareASale offers affiliates and merchants several benefits. These benefits include real-time tracking and quality control of merchants and affiliates. ShareASale also guarantees the timely payment of earned commissions. In addition, ShareASale offers the ability to create deep links.

This means that as an affiliate you can link leads directly to a sign-up page on the merchant’s site, bypassing the home page.The deep linking allows you to ensure that you will earn commissions for your recommendations.

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